Our Gift Card Websites

Good evening, everyone! I just wanted to share our gift card websites once again as they were listed on a separate page on my old Weebly website. (We are still in transition of switching providers to WordPress)

Here is the link to our Giftly Website powered by Yelp: https://www.giftly.com/gift-card/resume-diva-company-carbondale

Our other Gift Card Website is via Square and is our preferred one. Here is the link: https://squareup.com/gift/63THQT31N8NYB/order

Gift cards and greeting cards are here! You can email or receive physically by postal mail these gift cards to any recipient you like.

You can order a gift card starting from $10.00 to $500 or a Custom Amount on Square and up to $1,000 on Giftly.

You can redeem the gift card for our services just like any other payment method on an invoice. Your payment will be applied as a Gift Card and credited to the invoice balance. We hope to get physical ones from Square in the future for local customers.

You can check your balance on the Square Gift Card by clicking on the link above and on their website click on the top right corner where in blue says, “Check my balance.” For Giftly, the funds are directly deposited to either your bank account, to PayPal or on a physical card for you to use with us or another merchant on their website. Please refer to the Giftly website for more instructions and to see a sample gift card.

If you have any questions please email or call us. We are here to help. Thank you so much for your business! Have a great day!

Kind Regards,

Lucinda Kerrigan, CPRW

Published by Resume Diva Company aka Lucinda Kerrigan, CPRW

Hi there! I'm a 41 year old Entrepreneur and a Certified Professional Resume Writer, Career Consultant and a Small Business Owner. In my free time I enjoy reading Christian Books, Fiction Books, Shopping and Writing Poetry and sample Resumes. I also enjoying building relationships online and offline. Nice to meet you! Have a blessed day!

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