Future is uncertain

Good evening friends, fans and clients! As many of you know, the future is still uncertain. I wanted to let you know that I am here to help you through this rough time to the best of my ability.

There is a certain website that I want to mention that can really help you out as a jobseeker. It is called Jobscan. They can help you not only with their great blog but have an ATS scanner tool and other great resources. I highly recommend them to you. Right now, they are offering a 50% off discount on their premium plan. Here is their website link: https://www.jobscan.co

I will share their promotion on Facebook by tomorrow. I will try to post it on my Facebook page.

Stay strong in mind and body. Right now is a great time to pursue a new workout routine or a new hobby. Maybe you could even start a new business! Be careful out there and if you need me please message or email me.

I appreciate your business and take care of yourself and each other. Have a blessed day!

Kind Regards,

Lucinda Kerrigan CPRW

Published by Resume Diva Company aka Lucinda Kerrigan, CPRW

Hi there! I'm a 41 year old Entrepreneur and a Certified Professional Resume Writer, Career Consultant and a Small Business Owner. In my free time I enjoy reading Christian Books, Fiction Books, Shopping and Writing Poetry and sample Resumes. I also enjoying building relationships online and offline. Nice to meet you! Have a blessed day!

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