Future is uncertain

Good evening friends, fans and clients! As many of you know, the future is still uncertain. I wanted to let you know that I am here to help you through this rough time to the best of my ability.

There is a certain website that I want to mention that can really help you out as a jobseeker. It is called Jobscan. They can help you not only with their great blog but have an ATS scanner tool and other great resources. I highly recommend them to you. Right now, they are offering a 50% off discount on their premium plan. Here is their website link: https://www.jobscan.co

I will share their promotion on Facebook by tomorrow. I will try to post it on my Facebook page.

Stay strong in mind and body. Right now is a great time to pursue a new workout routine or a new hobby. Maybe you could even start a new business! Be careful out there and if you need me please message or email me.

I appreciate your business and take care of yourself and each other. Have a blessed day!

Kind Regards,

Lucinda Kerrigan CPRW

I’m available

Good evening fans and followers,

I’m available to do your new Résumé, a re-write or an update. I also have a reputation for writing outstanding cover letters and writing LinkedIn bios.

Prices are as follows: Re-Writes are $75 and up depending on time and complexity of the creation of the new document. I customize each Résumé to order. If you would like it in a specific color ex. blue or purple. I can also create a great black and white “classic” look Résumé.

I’m always searching online for great new websites that offer awesome templates that I can use for a client’s project.

I admit that I haven’t learned yet how to make my own templates. That’s something that I’m interested in learning how to do and if you could recommend where online such as a course that will teach me how to do that please email me at: admin@resumedivacompany.net

I’m always looking for new ways to improve my knowledge and skills and services. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Stay healthy and safe!

Kind Regards,

Lucinda Kerrigan CPRW

My passion is Résumé Writing

Good evening to all of you! As I stated on my old Weebly website, “Résumé Writing is my passion.” Every Résumé I have done these past 3 years reflects a part of myself through a creative writing and critical thinking process.

I have helped many people become successful in their new endeavors and my other passion is simply, helping others to improve their quality of life and well being.

The aim of my hardship program is to help others who are willing to change their life for the better and to give them a professional Résumé that they can’t get anywhere else. As far as I know, I’m the only Professional Résumé Writer that has a hardship program.

As I get settled into WordPress there’s a few things that I’m working on to improve this new simplified website to give you everything you need in the foreseeable future.

I’m going to post “buttons” or somehow upload the files you need to download for my hardship program and send to me.

Right now, please simply message me off the homepage at the bottom and ask for me to email to you the two documents, one being the hardship letter and two being if you need it the Résumé Worksheet Form.

I’m starting a new job next week May 4 so please be patient and allow between 24-48 hours for me to respond to your inquiry.

Business is slow right now but I’m predicting that the next wave of new clients will come soon.

Take care of yourself and each other and I look forward to being of service for your foreseeable future Résumé Writing needs. Have a blessed day!

Kind Regards,

Lucinda Kerrigan, CPRW

Our New Website is Up and Running! Yay!

Good afternoon fans and visitors! Welcome to my new website for Resume Diva Company! It’s now up and running. This weekend I had a minor technical issue. I just called eNom my domain registrar to get help with it and the gentleman that helped me told me exactly what I needed to do to get it working. I almost had done it 100% right myself but missed one little thing. Isn’t that how it always happens?

Anyways, I appreciate all my fans, family and friends and clients for your continued support of my work and mission to connect jobseekers with a better career and improving their quality of life.

Right now, I’m still taking it easy for another week (rest of this week) however; if someone pops up and really needs Resume help (you know me) I will probably muster up the strength to do it. I took two weeks off (vacation) to rest and get feeling better. Diabetes has been taking a toll lately on me so I thought if I took some time off I might feel better. I’m asking for prayers from all you prayer warriors out there for healing of this terrible disease called Diabetes. I have other health issues too but right now I’m mostly worried about the Diabetes. My medicine by the doctor was just increased and I’m having fatigue issues.

So, now that I’m back online with my new website if you have any questions where something is please feel free to message me but first check out the blog page because a lot of things from the old site I had put on the blog page.

I hope you are all doing well during this unprecedented time in our nation. I would appreciate if you would click the “follow” button located on the top right corner of the home page. What this means is every time I post a new blog post you will be notified by email. How cool is that?

Take care of yourselves and be safe if you must go out somewhere. Have a blessed day!

Kind Regards,

Lucinda Kerrigan, CPRW

Technical Issues

Good evening everyone! As we are transitioning our website right now to WordPress from Weebly; you may experience an temporary error message on my Résumé Diva company.net domain such as 404 file not found. Tonight, I updated the name servers to point to WordPress but it may take up to 48 hours for the changes to take effect and for my beautiful new website to work. Please be patient and if you need my services, I encourage you to email me directly at admin@resumedivacompany.net or phone me at: (618) 327-1199. I look forward to the new website and I hope you like it as much as I do. WordPress is very good at allowing a user to blog easily and engage with their audience. You may become a follower of my website, make comments on my blog posts, share my blog posts on Facebook and Twitter, etc. I felt it was time to create a new website that better fit my type of business. I welcome any feedback, comments, tips etc. that you have. You may message me directly off the new website at the bottom of the home page. Thanks for being a part of my Resume Diva family and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Kind Regards,
Lucinda Kerrigan, CPRW
Owner at Résumé Diva Company
Carbondale, IL, USA

Google Docs Form Link for Requesting Services

Good evening friends and fans! I apologize sincerely for my website being down. I was trying to prevent that however; my timing wasn’t quite right. It was partly a billing issue with Weebly. Weebly was getting too expensive every month for my business and right now business has been slow due to the pandemic so I felt it was time to finally make the switch to WordPress. I started creating this new website back in January and have worked on it in my free time or in between clients.

I don’t remember if I had this link for my Google Docs Form in my other blog posts on this new website yet and can’t view it right now so I decided to go ahead and publicly share it again. It will be useful for this moment as my primary website resumedivacompany.net is down possibly for a few days as I work on these technical issues. Here is the form’s link: https://forms.gle/tyAvPBQ7mkAWuJgA7

I also don’t remember if I shared my new Square Donations Checkout link for my Hardship Program. I will have to post that later today. I have to look it up on Square. I’m hoping that after I get some sleep in a few minutes and wake up later today that the new website here with WordPress will be working. I set up the DNS records tonight and the G Suite email setup with WordPress as well as connecting Facebook and LinkedIn to share my new blog posts. I will also be able to connect Twitter and Tumblr later today after I recover my passwords. I don’t use Twitter and Tumblr too often. I’ve mostly been using Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest to social market my business. However; with this new WordPress platform it appears to be slightly different and geared more for bloggers than an e-commerce business that Weebly tried to make my business appear to visitors.

Yes, I’m a great blogger and miss my old GoDaddy blog site for Resume Diva. That’s why I choose WordPress because I felt that now I have the best of both worlds on one website; blogging and Resume Writing.

I want to take a moment to give credit and a HUGE thanks to my colleague named Bridget Weide Brooks for recommending WordPress. She actually has an great online school for Resume Writers and I’m a student right now on there. When I set up my account I had to upload my picture through an WordPress app so that’s when I had to create a WordPress account. I’ve been hearing for a year now great things from other colleagues about WordPress too so it seemed like the right move in my career to make to get to the next level.

If you’re a Resume Writer or just want to start an online business, please check out Bridget’s online school that has two great classes going on right now. The website is: https://resume-writers-university.teachable.com

Also, thank you Bridget for inspiring me to start my online school on Teachable! I’m having some technical issues on there too and need to email them for help. I’ve got the first course ready to go but when you would go to the link the School name is still not showing my school name or description. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Here is the link to my school where you can still at least take the great new class: https://resume-diva-university.teachable.com

Okay, I believe I’ve covered everything on my mind tonight. It’s almost 6 AM and so I’ve worked tirelessly all night to try to get my new website to work across the whole internet. I have more to do but don’t feel staying awake any longer will be very productive in this case. As my father used to say, “there’s always tomorrow.”

Good night/morning everyone and stay safe and stay happy and healthy. I’m praying this pandemic ends in a good way with less lives lost very soon. Take care and God bless everyone!

Kind Regards,

Lucinda Kerrigan, CPRW

Square Business Directory

Good evening clients and fans! We are happy to announce that we are now listed in the Square Small Business Directory. Square is doing a project right now to help small businesses that could be struggling due to COVID-19 so they created a egift card small business directory website. Here is the link: https://giveandgetlocal.com/

If you log on there, to find us simply type “Carbondale, IL USA” and we are listed under the Carbondale Merchants. Thank you so much to Square for helping us out during this difficult time! We really appreciate the support!

Kind Regards,

Lucinda Kerrigan, CPRW

New Resume Hardship Program Square Pay Link

Good evening clients and fans! I’m so excited! I now have a Secure Checkout Site for donations for the Resume Hardship Program via Square. Thank you so much to Square for letting me know that my company was qualified for this checkout link. Here is the new link: https://checkout.square.site/pay/936eac1881684c16858523922e05d097

I really appreciate your continued support of my Resume Hardship Program. Your donation will help those in need of my services that can’t afford to pay due to long term unemployment or other dire circumstances. You will never know if you need help yourself (I hear that sometimes from my hardship clients). Thank you for your donation and have a blessed day!

Kind Regards,

Lucinda Kerrigan, CPRW

Our Gift Card Websites

Good evening, everyone! I just wanted to share our gift card websites once again as they were listed on a separate page on my old Weebly website. (We are still in transition of switching providers to WordPress)

Here is the link to our Giftly Website powered by Yelp: https://www.giftly.com/gift-card/resume-diva-company-carbondale

Our other Gift Card Website is via Square and is our preferred one. Here is the link: https://squareup.com/gift/63THQT31N8NYB/order

Gift cards and greeting cards are here! You can email or receive physically by postal mail these gift cards to any recipient you like.

You can order a gift card starting from $10.00 to $500 or a Custom Amount on Square and up to $1,000 on Giftly.

You can redeem the gift card for our services just like any other payment method on an invoice. Your payment will be applied as a Gift Card and credited to the invoice balance. We hope to get physical ones from Square in the future for local customers.

You can check your balance on the Square Gift Card by clicking on the link above and on their website click on the top right corner where in blue says, “Check my balance.” For Giftly, the funds are directly deposited to either your bank account, to PayPal or on a physical card for you to use with us or another merchant on their website. Please refer to the Giftly website for more instructions and to see a sample gift card.

If you have any questions please email or call us. We are here to help. Thank you so much for your business! Have a great day!

Kind Regards,

Lucinda Kerrigan, CPRW

COVID-19 Update

Dear Valued Client,

As the Coronavirus outbreak continues to impact the world keeping you and us safe is our number one priority. At this time, we’d like to let you know that we are taking all the necessary precautions to keep our community safe.

Currently, we are still open and able to answer your questions and fulfill your orders. While things are changing by the minute, our commitment to you has not changed. We will keep you updated of any immediate changes. Please everyone, be safe and healthy.

Best Regards,

Lucinda Kerrigan, CPRW

Owner at Resume Diva Company

Carbondale, Illinois, USA

ph: (618) 327-1199