Refer a Friend Deal

The Refer a Friend Deal just got sweeter, my clients are now my salespeople! Read on for how you can earn 10% OFF your next purchase for referring a friend!

Refer a friend to me and after they sign up, I will send you a 10% OFF coupon via postal mail. (Please be sure to provide to me your mailing address) It’s my way of saying, “thank you.” I appreciate my clients and would not still be here doing what I love doing without you!

​If you prefer that the coupon be emailed to you, I understand. I will happily send a special coupon to you via email if that is your preference. Thank you for your referral business! Life is better with friends like you!

Kind Regards,

Lucinda Kerrigan, CPRW

Job Placement Services

Here at Resume Diva Company, we understand that job searching online is not an easy task. It can feel overwhelming and your applications without a professional like myself by your side can leave you without an clear direction or interviews.

As your Career Consultant, I will assist you step by step. Together we will create a job searching plan that fits your needs.

​If you need someone to simply help you fill out applications and submit them online using my various resources; I am happy to help.

I understand you already have a very busy life with your family and other commitments so let me help ease your burden thru my great job placement service.

If you already have a Resume made by yourself or another Professional Resume Writer; I can still help you.

​If you are seriously interested please book an appointment on my booking page or call me today. The cost is only $25 per month. Square, PayPal or Cash preferred.

P.S. I can also optimize your LinkedIn profile for only $40! Get noticed by more hiring managers! To pay for my services via PayPal, for your convenience please use my PayPal me Link. Here is the link:

Thank you for your trust and we are Certified in Identity Protection laws and take your information seriously and in strict confidence. If you have any questions about the security of your data please contact Lucinda Kerrigan, Data Security Officer at: She will reply back to your inquiry within 24-48 hours.

Our Hardship Program

Here at Resume Diva, we understand life has it ups and downs and things can get really tough to handle. Sometimes you feel like things are completely out of control. We don’t turn anyone away who can not afford to pay for a Resume. We are here to help.

I will waive up to 90% (100% in special cases) of my service fees for a new client that simply emails me a hardship request or sends an inquiry off the homepage to be considered for the hardship program. Please allow up to 24-48 hours for a response from us to your request. We will let you know if we need additional documents for proof of hardship or other additional information. Please let us know if you prefer a reply by email or phone call or text message. Below are the steps to please keep in mind for easy reference:

Step one: Send me an email with an inquiry to be considered for the hardship program.

Step two: I will e-mail the hardship letter in MS Word format to you along with the client agreement. Then kindly fill them out and send it back to me within 2-3 business days.

Step three: I will notify you by e-mail if you are approved within 24-48 hours.

Step four: After approved, services will start the same way as for the paying clients.

*Please note: If we find out that you were NOT honest during the application process or fail to communicate with me or employers; you will then have to pay for services. So please be honest because this is only for those who really need this kind of assistance. Another thing I want to mention is if you don’t contact the leads I send to you for job interviews then you will be cancelled from my program. My resources are limited and there are a lot of people who need my help so please don’t request my help unless you will make serious effort. That’s all I ask, thank you!

Kind Regards,

Lucinda Kerrigan, CPRW

The Process

Good evening! I aim to keep my projects process simple. Here it is step by step. If you have any questions please send me a message off the homepage.

My Resume Writing Services Process:
(For Paying Clients)

Step. 1 : Initial Contact – Via Online Forms, Phone Call, or Email.
I respond by introducing myself and verifying that the person is serious about my services.
If an appointment was made on my Square booking site; I call or e-mail client to verify appointment time.

Step 2: Provide a 30 Minute or 60 Minute Consultation
I gather information during a phone call or local meeting to assess and evaluate the client’s goals and career needs. Afterwards depending on our phone conversation a Square Estimate or an Square Invoice will be emailed to you at the email address you provide. After Estimate is accepted by the client it is converted to an invoice. A 50% minimum deposit is due for services to start. If you want to do it in two installments please let me know.

Step 3: I Construct the 1st Draft of the Resume (Communication is very important during this time because I like getting it done right the 1st time) This process takes 2-3 days.

Step 4: I send the 1st draft of the Resume to the client for approval.
I wait to hear back from client on if any revisions or needed or not. Note: For Same Day Resumes it is as-is and the 1st draft won’t have time for client to make revisions. I only recommend this type of Resume if your job positing deadline is near. Also there is a $10 expedited fee for Same Day Resumes.

Step 5: Finalize Resume or make Revisions.
I finish the final product of the Resume and re-send it to client for final approval. (Sometimes a 2nd revision is requested.)

Step 6: Follow up with Client
A few days after client picks up copies (local client) of the Resume or receives the final Resume by e-mail. I contact the client via e-mail or telephone to make sure everything worked out well for them and if, anything else is needed ex. Cover Letter, LinkedIn, Job Placement Assistance Services, etc.

Step 7:
I wait a few days and send an e-mail requesting a review or rating on Google, Yelp, LinkedIn (recommendation), Thumbtack, eBay, Fiverr, UpWork and/or just to post on my website. This is always done with the permission of the client.

Thank you so much for taking the BIG steps with me to not only create a winning Resume but to change your life for the better! I promise you will love the results! Thanks for your business, have a great night!

Kind Regards,

Lucinda Kerrigan, CPRW

Welcome to my NEW Website!

Hello there! My name is Lucinda Kerrigan. I am a Certified Professional Resume Writer, Career Consultant and Counselor based in Carbondale, Illinois USA. Welcome to my brand **NEW** website where you will find all the information you need about my Resume Writing Services, Job Placement Services, Hardship Program information and Career Consulting Services. My process is simple but individual results vary per person and project. Resume writing is like creative writing. Each Resume is like a poem. Unique for you!

​Resume Writing is my passion. Each Resume is personal to me – representing a specific moment in my creative life, and reflecting a lifetime of creative exploration. I sincerely hope my Resume Writing brings as much fulfillment to you when you use the New Resume in your job search as they bring to me when I create them. So, if you need a Resume overhauled, re-written, revamped or made from “scratch” etc. You have come to the right place! I also have a good reputation for writing outstanding cover letters!

ATS (Applicant tracking system) friendly Resumes are NOW here! Did you know? An employer only spends an average of six seconds on your Resume. Getting past their ATS system is step one. Step two is persuading an hiring manager with a Professionally written Resume to land an interview with them. Step three is getting ready for a job interview (there can be a lot of preparation). Step four is being hired. Step five is keeping the job and not ending up unemployed again and back at step one.

​I have helped many people not only get job interviews but get hired and improve their quality of life because of their new job. As your dedicated Career Consultant, I will do my best to guide you and steer you in the right direction without pressure. My advice can be perceived in many ways but it’s up to you to decide what career move or change is right for you. Now it’s time to get you hired! Are you ready to begin? If so, please email me with your current Resume for an Estimate and we’ll go from there! If you don’t have a Resume, please send me a message through the homepage with an inquiry for the Resume Worksheet Form and for the Client Agreement (optional). ​​If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear from you! To send me an inquiry you can now simply message me off the homepage on this new website.  I’m always here to help! Thanks for your business, and have a great day!

Kind Regards,

Lucinda Kerrigan, CPRW