Welcome to my Portfolio Page! Here are a few examples of my amazing work! If you want to see more samples please message/email me. Thank you so much!

I love transforming boring Resumes into Masterpieces! I custom craft each Resume like a piece of music or art. I’m a former Violinist so I have the discipline and I put my heart and Soul into every Resume that I create and design. Creative Writing is one of my many talents! Let’s build a winning Resume together like these below or even better!

Please note: Before Pictures are shown first at the top of each project/section.

Client’s Original Resume is shown below:

Jesse Cox

I was very blessed to help a young man who is a computer programmer/developer. He was a client several years ago through my hardship program. Thanks Jesse for being such a great client and allowing me to show others our project!

The New Resume I Crafted Shown Here:

Original Resume Shown Below:

Angela Jones

After Picture of New Resume I Crafted:

Note: Due to formatting issues, I apologize for not being able to display the whole Resume. For more samples of my work, please feel free to message/email me, thanks!

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